Tan Huong Tea Cooperative

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Tan Huong Tea Cooperative is located in Phuc Xuan Commune, Thai Nguyen City, Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam (90 km from Hanoi). The cooperative has 37 household members receiving the UTZ certification. They produce nearly 30 tons of dry green tea annually only for the local market.

Tan Huong Tea Cooperative and UTZ CERTIFIED

In order to implement the UTZ CERTIFIED requirements the cooperative set up a management and internal control system with 7 farmer groups. The heads of the groups and the internal control system provided support and supervision for the farms and processing activities of every household. Record keeping of all activities on the field enables the cooperative and the farmers to continuously improve their efficiency and to trace the products back to the individual farm.

Tan Huong Cooperative is not only the first tea farm in Vietnam to receive the UTZ certification but it also brought the first sustainably produced tea to the local market in Vietnam.

Impact on our farm

With UTZ CERTIFIED, all farmers were trained on good farming and processing techniques, labor safety, and other issues. With the UTZ certification farmers see the chance for better market access.

Tan Huong Tea Cooperative made important improvements in farming and processing, for instance soil and water resources are better protected and labor safety is ensured. The entire processing is made by the households with strict food safety measures in place. The good agricultural practices help to protect people, planet while keep costs under control.

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Sustainability is important for everyone. After all, our future is at stake.


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