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Nedcommodities India Pvt Ltd

About Nedcommodities India Pvt Ltd

Nedcommodities India Private Limited was the first UTZ certified small/medium coffee growers group in India. It was established in June 2009 through a project titled “Sustainable livelihoods for Coffee farmers through Certification”. The project, run in partnership with the NGO Solidaridad, aimed to bring the benefits of certification to farmers through technical guidance, training and capacity building.

Better Business

The group has seen an improvement in the overall quality of the coffee supplied by the UTZ certified producers, as evidenced by quality analysis carried out at the processing center.

Occupational safety and health training for farm and factory workers

Better Environment

Certification has led to a complete halt in the use of herbicides and banned chemicals. Hygiene has been improved through improvements to post harvest practice. In addition, general environmental pollution has been reduced through the treatment of effluens, and plastic bags are no longer used to receive raw coffee.

Training for female workers

Better Lives

There has also been a significant social impact. A minimum wage policy has been introduced. Workers are now trained in the importance of minimizing exposure to plant protection products, maintaining maximum hygiene and awareness on health hazards, and protective equipment has reduced the risk of accidents. Workers’ children have also benefited directly: free materials such as notebooks are now provided, and educational scholarships are available in particularly deserving cases.

Farmer testimonies

Jeevan Mandanna, K.C. Achaiah and N.C. Subbaya are all farmers in the Coorg District of Karnataka, India. They are members of the Nedcommodities cooperative.

Mr. Jeevan Mandanna - Kerebilu Estate

“Despite my initial hesitation, I adopted the UTZ certified codes at my farm to meet the global requirements and become a contemporary coffee producer. The requirements for UTZ certified are very unique and address social, environmental and economic aspects”.

KC Achaiah – Tank Side Estate

K.C. Achaiah is a small scale coffee grower, and he has seen a number of improvements since his estate became UTZ certified. These include a significant reduction in the use of plastics, as well as improved awareness on chemical use amongst the workers. Maintaining hygiene on the farm and keeping it clean and presentable is now becoming common practice for the workers and their families. He also highly values the premium, as it contributes to improvements in living conditions for the families associated with the farm.

Mr Achaiah feels confident that his hard work will be noticed and rewarded favorably, and that the improvements that have already been made have been worth the effort.

“Through certification many lives are improved, for both humans and plants. We expect our coffee to be showcased in all the markets as responsibly and sustainably grown coffee.”

N. C. Subbaya – Kumbarabane Estate

Mr Subbaya has grown Robusta coffee on his 42 acre farm for many years, and he was introduced to UTZ Certified through Nedcommodities and the Prakruthi organization.

He reports that UTZ certification has led to many improvements on his farm, including proper streamlining of farm management systems, improved documentation, and clean and proper storage rooms for coffee, fertilizers and pesticides. There is greater awareness among farm employees about the proper use of pesticides, banned chemicals and use of protective gears during spraying. To Mr Subbaya this means more than the premium that he gets from selling certified coffee.

“It will be very good if our coffees are portrayed on the global map as eco-friendly, shade-grown coffee and are recognized for what the produce is all about”.